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Alpha Chi Technology partners have a proven track record of architecting systems that revolutionize data visualizations. User Experience is the alpha and omega whether we want to admit it or not. If users don’t like the system, if they don’t understand the system, we will all fail in the end. We’ll certainly fall incredibly short of where we could be.

User Experience

We are User Experience champions, first and foremost. Even the most highly engineered, sophisticated system won’t amount to much if the users struggle with it, or simply refuse to use it. By focusing our energy up front of the User Experience, the personas and context within which they’ll be using your software we can stack the cards in your favor to make sure the systems are well received and deliver results for your customers and users.

Systems Architecture

The underpinning that too often gets overlooked until late in the game. With decades of system architecture experience on building mission critical systems, we’re able to combine that knowledge with incredibly deep technical understanding of the platforms we’re targeting and achieve performance and optimization that is world-class.

Systems Analysis

Beyond teamwork across virtual organization boundaries, we pride ourselves on the business acumen that our partners bring to your project. Understanding and interpreting your business objectives and the customer’s needs is an ongoing conversation. We bring decades of industry solution development to the table. Then, asking the right questions to make sure you’re achieving the solution you need, as well as balancing that with user needs, is something that accelerates the delivery of the right solution.


User Experience Strategy

Application Visual Design

Concept Development

Application Development

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Solution Consulting


.NET Framework

.NET Core














Financial Services



Time-series data

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A sampling of recent projects.

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    Windows POS


    Project Description

    Windows Exploited. We built an application that epitomizes the extent to which Windows gestures and touch can dramatically improve the discoverability, fidelity and usability of an Enterprise retail point of sale system. Taking full advantage of XAML and the base Windows capabilities, we’ve pushed the boundaries and helped define what people will come to expect from Enterprise-class Windows experiences. Fast, intuitive, simplified navigation and discovery are the cornerstones. Occasionally connected, off-line resilient, with an Azure-based backend. Zero training in a retail establishment. This is going to shake things up indeed.

    XAML Scheduling System


    Project Description

    After taking a look at this application, you might think you’ve somehow grabbed a segment from a sci-fi film. It’s real. Natural User Interface (NUI) taken to the full extent of what is possible today. From the voice-driven query/data discovery and response system to the highly intuitive on-screen scheduling and management capabilities at the heart of this system, we’ve focused our efforts on making the process more productive, less repetitive and much more accurate. Scheduling software that is truly fun, maybe even exciting to use. Work isn’t usually play, but this comes incredibly close. The system allows for input across voice / telephony, web, mobile, tablet, and desktop. It contains over a million lines of code, but what do you expect underlying a system this comprehensive in scope?

    Multi-touch 16k Visualization


    Project Description

    Not many companies are asked to produce systems that run at 16k resolution, completely touch-based, and run unattended, operating at five 9s uptime. Did we mention it also works against a multi-petabyte database in near-time? It’s memory footprint never changes but the hardware does run hot, even though we ensured that everything happens in the GPU, which pushes 1056mb worth of pixels per second. It's a blazing fast and fluid application, with truly breathtaking animated panoramas as the backdrop.

    Our Approach

    We strongly believe that the Lean Methodology, the continued evolvement of Agile integrated with ongoing User Testing and Validated Learning is paramount to establishing break-through UX.

    Systems Development

    We live and breathe XAML here. Making an application sing and dance, sit up and beg, all with metadata.

    Both our graphic designers and software developers bring this passion for XAML into being. From re-templating an ItemsControl to structuring a ResourceDictionary, or using Bindings and VisualStates automate away most of the complexities, we’ve been perfecting this work for over a decade.

    Most of our project requirements are complex, in XAML the applications should always remain fast and fluid with no heavy lifting done on dispatcher threads. This is what makes our lives interesting, every project needs great architecture and quality frameworks to make it all “just work.”

    We've written a VirtualizedObservableCollection, a real time natural language processor and built controls that support unbound data. We thrive on big challenges. Our collective C#/C++ experience, coupled with our passion for problem solving can bring new perspective to your biggest programming challenges.

    User Experience Beyond Fundamentals

    Our UX team combines elements of experience strategy, information architecture, interaction design and interface design. The result is that we can span the gamut from crafting wireframes to heuristic evaluation, usability testing and everything in between.

    We live and breath the agile UX philosophy. Yes we produce great documentation artifacts like experience storyboards, wireframe decks and user journeys but the most important deliverable is the product, hands down. When you have the depth of fundamental interaction design so deeply ingrained in your team, as we do, it enables our clients to work from tightly defined, buttoned-down specifications or sketches from a stack of cocktail napkins.

    Award-winning Design

    Our design team is firmly grounded in the fundamentals of design, with formal training in fine and graphic arts, and a history of success that goes all the way back to the pre-digital-design era. This team has been designing interactions and interfaces longer than the term has existed across every technology that has emerged in the last 20 years.

    Whatever the idea, our design team can communicate it visually, which has meant developing brand and identity packages, shaping the face of products and companies both large and small, developing typographic systems, logos and glyph languages, key art, style guides and motion design.

    Even though Alpha Chi designers have won nearly every design industry award there is, we don't chase awards, we create interfaces and interactions that define brands, relationships, and experiences worth having.

    About Us

    Alpha Chi delivers Systems that are intuitive, scalable and impactful.
    By exploiting UX technologies, we enable clients to truly bring their systems to life.

    Proven Expertise

    We’re a group of seasoned software industry experts with a proven track record of building Enterprise-class Systems.

    Alpha Chi Technology partners have come together for a couple of reasons; we’re fascinated by the opportunity to simplify complex systems and we love seeing people engaged in their work with a sense of passion and purpose.

    Alpha Chi Technology insures that you’re gaining from the industry’s leading experts whether they work directly for Alpha Chi or not. Our close, ongoing communication with industry experts, people who’ve written game-changing solutions is an ongoing investment of our time that pays dividends to you. Knowing we’re capitalizing on the best techniques, technologies and platforms is something you can count on. Giving you confidence that what you’re gaining is absolutely built to last.

    Obfuscate Complexity

    Users and Systems are both increasingly sophisticated. The systems we all interact with are more complex than ever while users are increasingly savvy. Providing optimized user experiences is paramount to helping those users achieve their best results. Alpha Chi embraces technologies and tools that allow us to deliver incredibly intuitive, engaging presentations of data.

    Competitive edge requires passionate users and customers. While many people can write software, bringing together the expertise and know-how, especially in terms of simplifying the complexities by delivering intuitive systems is a challenge at another level. Those challenges are not for everyone but big challenges are what drive Alpha Chi Technology Partners.

    Presentation Matters

    We’re all typically faced with data overload across a myriad of systems we encounter throughout the day. Alpha Chi has embraced proven technologies and tools that allow us to deliver incredibly intuitive, engaging presentations of that data. We often go much further, writing libraries and literally inventing capabilities extending platforms beyond what is natively possible.

    Meaningful, insightful presentation and flow, interactivity of the right data sets can mean the difference between timely action on something mission critical or missing it and dealing with disastrous effects. We want to make sure our clients find themselves ahead of the decision curve every time.


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